May 14, 2018
Helping Unfold A Child's Potential

Therapist Shira Frank LCSW is presenting a final lecture in a three week teleconference series, this Tuesday, May 15th, focusing on “How to deal with your intense child.”


Without a doubt, the greatest challenge people face is “successful parenting.”

Shira Frank LCSW, has worked on issues of parenting, working as a family and play therapist, for close to 40 years, with the support of the Rebbe, at the very start of her career. She is presenting a final lecture in a three week teleconference series, this Tuesday, May 15th, focusing on “How to deal with your intense child”. She has recently opened a Jewish parenting website, spanning over 180 of her weekly internationally published columns in the Hamodia newspaper in the past 4 years.

Mrs. Frank is also the author of “50 Pathways to Parenting Wisdom”, which received accolades from various Rabbonim, and experts in her field.

“I have known Shira Frank for many years, she herself being a mother of Shluchos, and her involvement in helping families in all family issues. She has given much expertise in the field. People will only gain from her words of wisdom and insight, that she can offer to others.”

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glukowsky (Rechovot, Israel)

“50 Pathways to Parenting Wisdom” is an enlightening collection of practical ideas for good parenting. The author, Shira Frank, provides the tools which will benefit parents and children alike.”

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky, Rosh Yeshiva, Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia

“Shira Frank has written a highly practical guide to parenting our children in an increasingly complex world. Informed by decades of practice as a therapist helping parents strike the balance between love and limits, this book presents easily implemented approaches to raising children through use of praise, empathy, and an unemotional and gentle strategy for limit setting.

Shira Frank has provided our community with an invaluable resource for helping parents navigate the increasingly complex demands of raising children. I highly recommend this book.”

David Pelcovitz, PHD, Professor, Straus Chair in Psychology and
Education, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education, Yeshiva University

To access this week’s parenting teleconference, and visit Shira Frank’s Jewish parenting website, click here.

Contact for more information: shirafranklcsw@gmail, 718-421-7182.

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Opinions and Comments
Great lessons
I tuned into the other courses and found them to be practical and helpful. Looking forward to the final one.
(5/14/2018 8:26:58 PM)
loved the conference call
what insightful tips and lifelong lessons! definitely trying to apply daily.
(5/15/2018 10:53:32 AM)
Excellent book!
Great book. Very practical and down to earth.
(5/15/2018 10:53:49 AM)
this book is definitely something needed in the jewish world
(5/15/2018 10:54:33 AM)
Special Person
Mrs. Shira Frank is a real quality therapist who will never give up with your issue until it is solved- I have a lot of respect for her, wish there were more out there like her.
(5/15/2018 10:57:38 AM)
The Rebbe's Involvement
Shira Frank was told by the Rebbe to most surely enter this field and its clear that the Rebbe's brocho was fulfilled. Her hashkafos in Torah are very clear and solid.
(5/15/2018 11:18:39 AM)
Parenting Wisdom
Thank you Mrs. Frank for sharing practical Chinuch tools and sage advice. I appreciate knowing that your work has haskomas and is Torah-true as well as professional. We need quality in both aspects in order to succeed today.
Thank you for your dedication! Looking forward to learning more and growing in this most important endeavor.
(5/16/2018 4:50:21 AM)
Her book is great, and I recommend it to all! Mrs. Shira Frank is truly a very special woman!
(5/18/2018 3:01:50 PM)
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